How to use Flash Gallery

Get Flash Gallery

Download and unzip Flash Gallery files using WinZip or WinRAR.

Select your images

Images should be JPGs and saved as non-progressive. It is preferably to put all images in the gallery folder.

Create thumbnails

Create thumbnails with an image editing program. Thumbnails should be at least 70x70 pixels (larger thumbnail images will be cropped). Put all the thumbnails in the gallery folder. Thumbnails should be with different names from large images.

Edit images.xml

Open the file images.xml with a text editor (Notepad, TextPad or some other text editor...). You will notice that the XML file has a special structure in order to describe the images in the gallery. All images are described with the following XML tags located between the <images> and </images> tags.
    <image>Location of the big image</image>
    <thumbnail>Location of the thumbnail</thumbnail>
    <caption>Description, title or name of the image</caption>
Here is a example of an actual image.
    <caption>Some lamp on the ground</caption>

You can place as many images as you want between the <images> and </images> tags describing each image in the way shown here.

Upload the Flash Gallery

Upload the Flash Gallery to your web server using FTP or other software. You can change the name of the demo.html file to whatever you want.


Flash Gallery Demo

Take a look at the Flash Gallery demo

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Support Flash Gallery

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